Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Blow Me - I voted!

I spent a full hour at the polling place this morning in order to vote. And, if polls are to be believed, the only real meaningful vote I may have cast was against the Jesus-lovers' anti-gay-marriage amendment here in Georgia. And that'll probably pass anyway. If not for the responsibility I feel to stand up for gay folks (and against Christians), I probably would have bagged it.

But I stuck it out. What bothered, though, were the large number of unopposed races. There's just something really wrong with that. Get in there and fight, people.

Fortunately, the new electronic voting machines made it real easy to write in my own candidates. Just check the "write-in" box and type whatever you want, and that shows up as your vote (although apparently only "official" write-in candidates can get votes - kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?).

So my votes today included:

• U.S. Representative, 5th District: [My own self]

• State Senator: [The Wife]

• State Representative: [The Big Brown Dog]

• DeKalb County Sheriff: Buford Pusser. I figure he'd be good for the job, but I almost voted for Roscoe P. Coltrane.

• DeKalb County CEO: Michael Dell. He's the best CEO I can think of.

• Tax Commissioner: "That Other Guy". No, the system does not check to see if what I wrote looks like an actual name.

• County Commissioner: [My own self]. In case that whole U.S. Rep thing doesn't work out.

• Clerk of DeKalb Superior Court: Adam West. The unopposed incumbent is Lynda Carter, you see.

• Chief Magistrate: "Why Isn't Anybody Else Running".

And then there was that other race - U.S. President.

The choice for me was not between Bush and Kerry. I may despise the Republicans for being pro-Jesus, pro-spending (on old people, at least) and anti-personal-freedom, but the Democrats are still more dangerous by far.

Kerry represents much more of a threat to that which is most important to me - economic freedom. To be clear, the Republicans and Democrats continue to infringe more and more on my economic freedom, and I believe the U.S. is too far gone to reverse the trend. But the Democrats will get us to socialism faster, and therefore I cannot support them. I want to hold on to as much of my economic freedom as I can for as long as I can.

So then the choice was Bush vs. Not Bush.

I've had to hold my nose to vote plenty of times in the past. The last vote I cast in Louisiana, in fact, was for Edwin Edwards. My human friends know how hard that was for me do to, but the alternative was David Duke.

And that's what I was facing today - hold my nose and vote for Bush. A defensive measure to do what I can to beat the Democrats back in a close election. I lectured the wife for weeks that not voting for Bush (she plans to vote Libertarian) is as good as voting for Kerry.

But waiting in line today, I got mad. I started to think about Bush's promotion of an anti-gay-marriage amendment. I started to think about the hundreds of billions of our dollars he's given old people in the prescription drug plan. I started to think about the TSA. I started to think about how he defended reducing income tax rates for high-income-earners by claiming it helps "small businesses" rather than defending it on principle. I started to think about the war in Iraq, and how getting us involved there may be what elects Kerry.

And I couldn't do it.

I cast my vote Libertarian. I don't like the Libertarian candidate, and I think his ideas on the war on terror are dangerously wrong.

But I just couldn't vote Bush.