Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Wisdom on the move

Back up the U-Haul, friend. The Wisdom is moving.

That's right. The Wisdom has a new home:

Why the move? Well ... why not? I've got a better chance of achieving my goal of world domination if I'm publishing at my own URL, right?

You'll notice that The New Wisdom is living under its own directory (/wisdom/), so you would be correct to infer that may eventually host more than just The Wisdom. What else might that be? Dunno, exactly, but it gives me room to play.

So what, loyal Wisdom reader, does this move mean to you?

Well, first of all, it means you should start reading The Wisdom at The entire Wisdom archive is mirrored there now, and during this transitional period, I'll be posting everything in both places.

If you feel moved to comment on a post, I'd recommend commenting at the new place, as ultimately the old site comments will disappear.

Second, if you monitor The Wisdom's RSS feed (and you should), the new feed is So update that in your RSS reader.

Third, if you are kind enough to link to The Wisdom, please update your link to

I don't have a specific timetable for killing The Wisdom's Blogger site, as I hope to ramp up links to the new home before I cut off the gravy train of Pivik and Charmin Bear traffic here. But I'll continue to remind y'all of the move and give subtle little hints (like removing comments) for those of you who continue to hang around.

Thank you for your continued support.


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