Monday, October 04, 2004

Warning: Explicit Content

I got around to reading the 'Rockin' Rebels' edition of Rolling Stone tonight, in which a bunch of rock-n-roll types explain why voting for John Kerry is just sooooo damned important.

I tend to shrug off the pointless rantings of entertainment types when they pop off about politics, but there's one little bit in here that really pissed me off. Seriously.

It's fine for Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 to feel that Bush should go because the Iraq war was a bad idea and he doesn't want his brother (a Special Forces soldier) to get killed over it.

I can take Mike Mills saying "I want my president to be smarter than I am. I don't ask much, but I want him to be smarter than me." Nevermind that he doesn't really know how smart Bush or Kerry are.

And if Melissa Etheridge takes a stand against Bush for being not too woman (abortion) or gay (marriage amendment) friendly, I can respect that. In fact, I agree with her there.

But the bit that Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock from the Beasties) contributed pissed me off to the point that I'm about ready to toss Paul's Boutique into the fireplace:
"What's at stake in this election? War. People's freedoms around the world and here at home. Women's right to choose, prayer in school, my grandmother getting medicine - the list could keep on going."

Wait a minute. YOUR grandmother getting medicine??? YOUR fucking grandmother???????

The Beastie Boys have sold somewhere north of 20 million albums; own their own record label and have made God knows how much money touring and such over the past 20 years. And Horovitz gets a third of it.

But he wants the government to buy his grandmother's medicine?? Fuck you. I repeat, fuck you.

When my grandmother had a heart attack back in 1978 and lost a leg from complications, my dad spent his own money to turn our garage into a wheelchair-friendly apartment for her. When we got poor and had to send my grandmother to live in a nursing home (paid for by Medicare), we were ashamed to have to turn her over to government care.

The wife's parents and her aunt have spent the past decade physically and fiscally caring for the wife's grandparents, and when money's been tight, we've helped pay for their care.

It's what you do. You take care of your own.

Jesus Fucking Christ that comment pisses me off. Is Horovitz such an extreme socialist that he thinks individuals - especially those with millions of dollars - shouldn't be responsible for caring for their own families? Or is he just spouting the typical lines of the left?

Either way, I'll say one more time - Adam, if your granny needs some medicine, WRITE A FUCKING CHECK, ASSHOLE!

Good night.


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