Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Me? A Diet Coke problem?

I'm not used to getting lectured by stewardesses.

But on my flight to L.A. this morning, a friendly Delta gal took it upon herself to try to save The Cap'n from the evils of phenylketonurics.

During beverage service, her response to my request for a full can of Diet Coke was something to the effect of "you really should be careful about drinking too much of this stuff." This was before she noticed the (empty) 20-ounce bottle of DC I'd brought on board with me.

She ended up telling me all about how she used to drink Diet Coke and that it "really messed me up." I didn't ask her to elaborate.

By the time we were somewhere over New Mexico and I went back to ask her for another DC, she was getting really worried about me.

"How about some water? You need to flush your system", she said. I reminded her that Diet Coke is mostly water anyway, so I'm plenty flushed already.

I know there are a lot of people who think aspartame will kill you, and it is somewhat disconcerting that Diet Coke cans carry the notice "PHENYLKETONURICS: CONTAINS PHENYLALINE".

(editor's note: I have no idea what that means, but it can't be good. You never see notices like "PUPPIES: CONTAINS CUTE MUTTS" or "FRESH AIR: CONTAINS MOUNTAIN BREEZE".)

But the way I figure it, I used to drink as much or more regular Coke than the Diet Coke I drink now. And high-fructose corn syrup has to be worse for you than phenylaline, right?


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