Sunday, October 03, 2004

Great seats; bad, bad game

TCL and I headed over to Athens yesterday for the big LSU/UGA showdown. We'd scored a pair of really nice seats (14 rows up on 25 yard line behind the LSU bench), which helped take a tiny bit of the sting out of a real ass-whipping.

There's no way to spin this game. Georgia just kicked our butts, plain and simple. We couldn't get pressure on David Greene, and he was absolutely on his game. Two of his TD passes were textbook throws, so I have to say "well done." And our offense had nothing (again) and we killed ourselves with turnovers and penalties.

Couple our blowout with Auburn's wiping of Tennessee, and we're pretty much playing for the Peach Bowl from here out. There's really no shot for us to get to the SEC Championship game now, so at least the Peach would be a chance for me to watch another LSU game here in Atlanta.

And that's all I have to say about the game itself. The Bulldogs impressed me, but game day in Athens didn't. Small, sedate tailgates (I give a pass to my buddy DVN, who had a very good reason for taking it easy - in fact, nice work just showing up), a hasty exit for most UGA fans in a town built for blowout post-game parties and not near the kind of crowd noise I'd expect from 94,000 fans. Granted, the game was pretty much in hand early, but there were plenty of times when the crowd got "way up", and it wasn't spectacular.

UGA fans, though, are pretty decent folks. Not the kind of hatred spewed by Tennessee or Florida (more on that later) fans at home.

[editor's note: The UGA fan sitting in front of us explained our offensive problems early in the game. Pointing to his own wrist, he let us know that we were doing poorly because our quarterback is "not white." This is also how he explained the boneheaded move by Xavier Carter downing a kickoff on the one yard line - pointed at his wrist and mouthed "not white." Classy.]

All things considered, it was a good time. Seriously.

And despite our rapid fall from grace, I'm still going down to Gainesville next weekend to watch LSU play the Crocs alongside my UF buddy Oz. I'm still going to Baton Rouge for the Troy State game Oct. 23 because it's the first home game I could get to. And I'm still bringing the wife down for the Alabama game Nov. 13 because even if we're 5-3 playing a 5-4 Tide, it'll still be a hell of a time.

And in the end, that's what LSU football is about. A damn good time.


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