Sunday, October 24, 2004

"Cap'n Ken has left the building ..."

Thanks to all of you down in Baton Rouge who came out for "The Wisdom - LIVE!" tour stop this weekend. I'm sorry we ran short on the "I F*cked Jessica Pivik" t-shirts and "Pray for Cap'n Ken" trucker hats, but they'll be back in stock soon.

OK, I was really just down there for a football game, but at times it seemed more like a Cap'n Ken Meetup. I got MP3 player advice, yet another reminder to correct the spelling of "Phenylalanine" in my bit on Diet Coke addiction and discovered that The Wisdom has found its way into the offices of many more LSU staffers that I would have imagined.

When I pulled up for lunch Friday, my LSU buddy (and campus mole) John was excited to see the Maxima, and "you gotta blog this" was a constant refrain.

The Cap'n is much more interesting and entertaining than real-world Ken, I suppose. I can live with that.

OK, so on to weekend highlights, thoughts and random ramblings.

The Game - In pretty much all aspects, LSU football this weekend was uninspired. That's to be expected when Troy comes to town, but from the smaller-than-normal tailgate scene to the semi-empty stadium to the halfassed performance by the Tigers, it was a sub-par effort. Not that it wasn't a great time, but we never hit "the magic" (as my Gator pal Oz says of The Swamp).

The West Side - Scott scored us some great seats (46 yard line, 22 rows up behind the LSU bench), but as he warned, the crowd around us was dead. It's mostly high-roller booster types, and they're just not much fun. I'll look for seats near the North Endzone next time.

It's a Small Town, After All - One of the tailgates Scott wanted to hit was that of a friend of his from work. My buddy John had also invited me to his tailgate, which turned out to be the same one Scott had planned to hit. Also, I learned that our pal Brad bought a house that's on the same block as the house my pal Dave grew up in and that one of the LSU folks I had lunch with is good friends with my stepfather's ex-wife. And did I mention that my sister is married to my best friend's uncle?

Anne McCue at Starbucks - No, not Anne herself (obviously, since I did come home). But when I stumbled into a Baton Rouge Starbucks this morning, "I Want You Back" was playing on the store stereo. The java slingers couldn't tell me what CD they were playing, but I've since discovered that other songs of hers are featured on a couple of Starbucks complilation CDs. So the world's biggest coffee chain is working for the McCue cause. I'm glad to hear that.

The Court - OK, this is a touchy one. This weekend was LSU Homecoming. Not to offend, but I was a little surprised that I was able to so easily pick out the female members of our Homecoming Court (who were assembled in the northwest corner of the field) from my seat about 65 yards away. And it wasn't because they were the ones wearing fancy dresses. Get my drift? For Homecoming Queen contestants, they were - well - a bit chunky. Not that there's anything wrong with chunky chicks. And in the grand scheme of things, most of them would be considered pretty much normal-size girls. But LSU has an abundance of extremely attractive co-eds (believe me, I saw about 5,000 of them during the weekend), so I'm wondering how these ladies - wonderful girls, all, I'm sure - ended up on the court. Maybe it's the same dynamic that's gotten Miss America kicked off network TV. Are people just sick of seeing the really pretty girls get crowns and sashes? In Reality TV America, does an inspiring story, handicap or other hook count for more than beauty? I'm not sure.

6:31 - My time today from College Drive at I-10 in Baton Rouge to Moreland Avenue at I-20 in Atlanta. MapPoint tells me that's 525 miles and should take 8:23. Work the math, and I averaged about 80.75 miles an hour, including two stops.


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