Wednesday, October 13, 2004

And here I thought I was being the superfan

Next weekend's LSU game (vs. Troy) is the first one I'll be able to get to in Baton Rouge this year, so I'm determined to make it down. It should have been easy - take off Friday and drive down to B.R. after work Thursday night.

But then the monkey wrench: a work trip to California Tuesday - Thursday. So now I've got a redeye booked back to Atlanta overnight Thursday, and I'll head out for B.R. when I land at Hartsfield around 5:30 Friday morning.

I was bemoaning the hassle I'm having to endure to make it to Tiger Stadium next Saturday until I read about Blake Buisson today.

Blake's an LSU student who'll make it to 10 LSU games this year (the 7 home games and 3 on the road). No big deal, right?

Well, it wouldn't be except that until this semester, Blake was a student at the Univeristy of California in Berkeley. He transferred to LSU for the fall semester just so he can go to LSU games. Next semester, he'll be back at Berkeley.

It seems Blake's folks are from New Orleans and his dad is an LSU grad. Blake was raised on LSU football and Tiger Stadium tailgates, and his football fix wasn't satisfied as a Cal student.

So for one semester, he's a Tiger. That's awesome.

Blake's story (scroll about 1/3 down the story).


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