Friday, October 29, 2004

2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar. All for the Tigers, sit down and be quiet

I'd never really noticed the little area of Tiger Stadium's student section where everybody sits down during the game. But my buddy Scott pointed it out during the Troy game last weekend.

Sure enough, while almost all of the student section (the northwest part of the stadium) is a stand-on-the-bleachers-the-whole-game kind of place, there was a little patch in the back of the endzone where everybody sat quietly.

And almost all the students there were black.

The Reveille has a front page piece on the sit-down section today. Of course, in typical "save the world" college journalism fashion, the story plays up the racial aspects of black students who sit getting mad at white students who stand.

One part of the piece mentions the "white" state trooper who tells a "white" student to sit down. I'm not sure of the point of that, and other cops referenced in the piece are not racially identified.

Anyway, two points of Wisdom to raise here:

1) If this area is historically the "sit-down" section, don't be a jackass. If you don't want to sit, just move. They are always in this specific area, and they always sit. Again, don't be a jackass.

2) What's with these black students wanting to sit at LSU football games? Are they all just really lame and happen to share the same skin pigment? There are plenty of black students who occupy the regular standing sections, so maybe it's a black fraternity / sorority kind of thing. A lot of white frat boys dress up to go to games, and I think that's pretty stupid, too.

It would have been nice if The Reveille had tried to explain the appeal of sitting, rather than just implying that the stadium is "segregated" because black students have always sat there. But that's probabl too much to ask from Jessica's bosses.


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