Monday, September 20, 2004

Weekend randomness

There was so much happening at Casa Cap'n Ken this weekend, I think bullet points are in order:

• Damn kickers. Actually, in watching LSU / Auburn, I think I know what the big difference is between the 2004 Tigers and the 2003 National Champion Tigers. With Chad Lavalais and Marquise Hill gone from the D-Line, we've lost about a half-second on our blitz pressure, which is how Auburn was able to get off that 4th-down pass. And the secondary is weaker without Jack Hunt. In 2003, the Ole Miss game, the SEC Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl were all wrapped up on 4th-down sacks. We're just slightly slower to the QB now.

• Georgia has to be the worst team to ever be ranked 3rd in the country. 13-3 over Marshall? That's pathetic, dude. I like our chances against them on Oct. 2 better each week. And UGA should be absolutely terrified after watching LSU / Auburn and Florida / Tennessee game - and knowing they have to play all four of us.

• I don't know that there's any point in playing the rest of the season, given that USC (No. 1) and West Virginia (6) will coast to undefeated seasons. Georgia (No. 3) will lose a game for sure. Oklahoma (2) and Texas (5) play each other, so scratch one of them automatically and Miami (4) has a tough road left. Unless the Texas / Oklahoma winner and/or Miami goes undefeated, go ahead and pencil in a USC rout of West Virginia in the Orange Bowl.

• On the Ivan front, I gotta give big props to Georgia Power, BellSouth and even the City of Atlanta. The tree went down at 7:45 PM Thursday. We had power back at 4:30 PM Friday; phone service back at 10 AM Saturday and the entire tree was gone by 2 PM Saturday. Except for the city's failure to do anything to stop people from running into the tree at night, it all went pretty well.

• I discovered Friday (when we learned that the phone was NOT back on yet), that we've been poaching on a neighbor's wireless network for God knows how long. Seems my router hasn't been broadcasting its wireless signal for some time. I got a new one yesterday, but I've yet to get the configuration right to connect through to MindSpring.


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