Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A job for the LSU Season Ticket Revocation Squad

I checked out The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) this morning to catch up on LSU news. And there's plenty of good stuff:

• Auburn won't allow RVs on campus this week because of hurricane Ivan. I guess they figure there will already be enough trailers blowing around Alabama.

• ESPN has bailed out of bringing GameDay to Auburn because of hurricane Ivan. Again, there will already be enough aluminum in the air, so they didn't want to add their set to that.

• Nick Saban has decided on an official two-quarterback system to end the (Ja)Marcus controversy. That worries me.

• The school's first "online pay-per-view" broadcast (they streamed the radio broadcast and showed "coverage" from the in-stadium cameras used for the JumboTron) was a flop because the company didn't have enough bandwidth to deliver the streams to a flood of subscribers. Or, as the SID guy said "The success of this was the ultimate failure of this."

But buried in the pay-per-view story was this bit about a frustrated fan who bought the online stream:
LSU fan Kinny Haddox of Bastrop, a longtime season ticket holder who said he and his wife now wait until cooler weather to attend games, said he was frustrated by the problems with the Web broadcast Saturday.
A longtime season ticket holder who waits until "cooler weather" to attend games???

Jesus, Kinny, grow some balls, man! Don't let the wife push you around. Get your sweaty ass up off the sofa and drive down to Baton Rouge, you wuss. And if you are going to be such a pansy that you skip games because of the heat, don't tell the freaking newspaper about it! Tell them you got sick or something, dude. That's just embarassing.

P.S. It's "Kenny" (or preferably "Ken"), not "Kinny". What the hell is the matter with you?


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