Friday, September 17, 2004

Ivan, The Bastard

The wife and I are in the dark - again. Ivan smacked us hard.

But at least this time we know what made our power go out - the 40-foot tree lying across our driveway.

When we got home yesterday afternoon, the tree (which belongs to our neighbors across the street) was leaning, and we knew it was coming down (I believe the wife blogged about fear of the tree before it fell yesterday).

I took some "before" pictures and did some quick eyeball calculations to tell if it was going to hit the house (it wasn't). The big rain came and all was fine ... But around 8pm the big bastard fell. Down came the power lines and transformer, and one of my little maples got smashed.

I'll leave the color commentary to the wife when the power comes back on (she has no Blackberry blog access).


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