Monday, September 06, 2004

Hey, at least we won it ...

Loyal readers of The Wisdom are no doubt itching for my take on the ugly, ugly, ugly LSU win over Oregon State on Saturday.

In short - we won. And all things considered, that's the only thing I care about. When I saw the rain coming down, I knew the night would be about survival. And we survived.

Not the best night to be the only Top 25 team playing any team from another BCS conference with your defense slowed by the slop and your offense being led by a fresh new QB. It took a lot, but we survived it. And that's fine.

Of course, the pollsters didn't see it that way. The AP poll dropped us from No. 4 to No. 6, putting two teams who haven't played ahead of us (of course they must be better than us!). We should get back one of those spots next week, as No. 4 Florida State is playing No. 5 Miami on Friday, but take note that a precedent has been set to drop a team two spots after a victory and moving up two teams who had open dates that week.

Anybody remember December 6, 2003? No. 1 Oklahoma loses to No. 13 Kansas State; No. 2 USC soundly beats unranked (and 7-4 at the time) Oregon State and No. 3 LSU soundly beats No. 5 Georgia. Sure, Oklahoma has to drop. But was there any consideration among the voters that maybe the No. 3 team that just beat the No. 5 team - instead of the No. 2 team that just beat an unranked team - might deserve to be No. 1? Of course not. And did I mention that the No. 3 team played one more game than the No. 2 team? And that No. 3 had a harder schedule?

Back then the idea that the AP writers would actually consider anything other than "did the team ahead of them lose?" when ranking top teams was completely dismissed. But when it comes to LSU - sure, drop 'em two spots when they win and the two teams behind them didn't even play!

But that's all academic. All us LSU fans know there's a bias against us. We just have to keep winning, and it'll all be fine.

I'm glad Arkansas State is coming to town to provide JaMarcus with some target practice. He needs is.


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