Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Aren't those Beaver fans cute?

A piece came across my Yahoo - LSU Sports feed this morning that was a narrative of tailgating at LSU written by an Oregon State fan.

The child-like innocence expressed by this LSU tailgate virgin was quite sweet.

Elaborate barbecues included stuffed pork on skewers, jambalaya, shrimp, alligator, deep-fried rice balls (mmm), and would you believe this: deep-fried pork fat, which is called cracklin. The ‘gaters had multiple beverages, many with kegs of beer, and televisions for college football viewing. But, what I will never forget is the “Tiger Bait”, “Tiger Bait”, “Tiger Bait” chant and their warm hospitality.


So anyway, we start walking down Highlands Street across from ESPN Gameday, literally only about 20 feet and Tiger fans started to yell the “Tiger Bait!” chant. Doing our homework and knowing the drill, we approached the group and started listening to these good ole’ boys razz us for a few minutes and then promptly ask us what we wanted to drink. The best part is that my buddy aka “BeaverBobe” has it all on videotape. These fellas had huge accents, were extremely drunk, and definitely entertaining. When we finally decided to wander on they left us with one small request, “Y’ all do us a favor!” “Y’ all beat USC !”

Somehow, the piece read like a Mormon teenager's first visit to a strip club.

I know LSU Football is special, and I've seen first-hand (thanks to the wife) how the uninitiated can be really overwhelmed by the experience. The food, the people, the drinking, the music ... it's unlike any other pre-game scene.

And I can see how Oregon State fans would think they'd entered some kind of Twilight Zone. Anyway, it amused me.

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