Thursday, September 30, 2004

... and Calling ... and Calling ... and Calling

My copy of London Calling- Legacy Edition arrived at Casa Cap'n while I was out on the west coast, so I finally got a chance to spin it up at work today.

And I realized that with this purchase, I now own the song "London Calling" many, many times over.

I have:

• "London Calling" on the London Calling LP
• "London Calling" on the London Calling CD (original release)
• "London Calling" on the London Calling Legacy Edition CD1 (original album)
• "London Calling" on the London Calling Legacy Edition CD2 (the Vanilla Tapes)
• "London Calling" on the Story of The Clash CD
• "London Calling" on the Clash on Broadway CD
• "London Calling" on the Live: Here to Eternity CD
• "London Calling" on the The Essential Clash DVD
• "London Calling" on the Westway to The World DVD

I think that's all the "London Calling" I own, but I could be wrong. I don't have The Essential Clash on CD or the The Singles CD, so I'm missing a couple of opportunities to approach the "I own a dozen instances of 'London Calling'" category.

[editor's note: In researching this piece, I realized that I never went through with my plan to buy all of the Clash CDs in their "remastered" versions. Among the original albums, I own "The Clash" (US release), "Give 'em Enough Rope", "London Calling" and "Combat Rock" on CD, but all of those are in original, non-remastered forms. And I never got "Sandinista" on CD (I have it on LP, of course). Maybe I should get on that.]


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