Tuesday, August 03, 2004

SBC Park

I had a meeting in SF this morning in this industrial area near the Giants' new ballpark, so I decided to swing over and check it out.

I got mad.

SBC Park is part of this huge revitalization of an industrial/port area on the bay. Anchored by the park, the area has been transformed into a district of new, loft-style buildings (condos, offices, stores, etc.). It's really rockin'.

What made me mad was the contrast of SBC Park with Turner Field. Sure, they're both cool throwback parks, but dropping Turner Field in the parking lot of the old stadium rather than letting it anchor the redevelopment of Downtown Atlanta (which the city is now counting on the new aquarium to do) was a stupid waste of an opportunity.

Except for Braves' games, there's no reason for people to be within two miles of Turner Field, and the neighborhood doesn't want people there, anyway.

On a side note, I'm in Palo Alto (Starbucks) at the moment. Damn but this town has a lot of trees.


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