Friday, August 13, 2004

My own personal Jesus Freak

Damn, this makes me happy.

I was checking out some referer info for The Wisdom and noticed somebody had come over checking out which sites were linking to

Loyal readers of The Wisdom may remember a piece nearly a year ago entitled "Will Jesus do it for 5%?" in which I poked a lot of fun at "Christian" businesses I found through Google.

[editor's note: I'd forgotten how much I loved the "The Lord giveth Lincoln Towncars - and they're priced to move" line I put in that post.]

Among them was Sherry Miller's Golden Chair, a cuttery in New Jersey that professes "We believe in enhancing the natural beauty that God gave to each individual". I included a pic of what Sherry has done to one New Jersey family (it wasn't pretty).

Well, apparently it was Sherry who came over from the linkto: search, because she has replaced the image of the butchered family with this:

Sherry, of course, isn't the first Jesus Freak to take The Cap'n on as a cause (although she is the first to lump The Wife in the evil-heart category), but I admire the depth of her initiative.

So please, faithful readers of The Wisdom, pray for me, so that Jesus may change my hard, evil heart.

And bookmark the permalink for this entry. I'm sure Sherry will come back and change her secret message.


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