Tuesday, August 17, 2004

More love for The Cap'n

Just days after discovering the sweet, secret message for readers of The Wisdom by Jesus-loving hair stylist Sherry Miller, there's more love coming in for The Cap'n.

I fished an email out of my spam box this morning from a supporter of Theida Salazar. Loyal readers of The Wisdom will remember that Theida is/was a candidate for the state legislature who found my wallet at a Braves game last year and dropped it off at lost and found, gaining my appreciation forever more.

But after finding Theida's website and reading through it, I had to withdraw my endorsement on general principle.

Well, Salazar supporter tamaragenice@bellsouth.net took offense to The Cap'n saying not such nice things about Theida and his "grasp" of the English language:

I don't know who you are, but I typed in Theida Salazar's name in a search engine, and a webpage dated for March 27, 2004 with your "withdrawal of endorsement" for Theida Salzar came up. After reading your comments, I felt compelled to respond even though this is August and the elections are over and Salazar was not victorious...

Your comments, ESPECIALLY, about someone who returned your wallet were ABSOLUTELY cruel and uneccesary. Your fault-finding was tedious and quite honestly, your failure to commend your "wallet-returner" on his good intentions towards getting involved in his community, made you come off as somewhat of a bigot. In my opinion, you need to do some real soul-searching, for someone who could make the kind of statements you did, especially after being the benefactor of another's kindness is spiritually misguideded.

Perhaps he should not have even returned your stupid wallet, and YOU, not Theida, are the idiot.

God bless you, whoever you are...

OK, Sherry Miller has already established that The Cap'n has a hard, evil heart, so I shant argue with the idea that I need to do some deep searching of my empty soul. Nor can I really fight the notion that I might be "spiritually misguideded (sic)".

But I come off as "somewhat of a bigot" because I didn't give Theida props for trying to help his community? Come the hell on. We all know what a cracker The Cap'n is, but I'm a bigot if I mock someone's lack of grasp on the English language? I never even mentioned that Theida is of a particular race (I did originally assume he was Hispanic - and a woman), much less attribute his idiocy to his race.

The good news, though, is that no matter how bad I piss people off, they usually wrap up with "God bless you". So I've got that going for me.


Blogger yomira.bautista said...

How is perfect English grammar related to good values and a good heart? Believe me, I've met many individuals with perfect communication and writing skills who are not good people or who lack honesty and have scammed people. You need to use your common sense. You shouldn't judge people based on their writing skills. Perfect English has nothing to do with a good heart wanting to help out their community.

1:48 PM  

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