Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hello, TWMBICers

Checking The Wisdom logs today, I noticed a flurry of activity coming from TWMBIC servers over the past day or so. I have a couple of regular readers over there still, but this recent activity suggests a bunch of people seeking some kind of wisdom from The Wisdom.

I guess it probably has to do with the guy who quit over there this week. Yes, my sources tipped me to it. And, yes, his departure is very much in the mold of Cap'n Ken leaving - he's an amazingly talented Internet professional whose talents were squandered because he dared to try to improve the place. But, truthfully, I'm over the whole TWMBIC thing.

Yeah, I like to see the talented and ambitious people leave there. It's not a hard thing to predict, though. The economy is getting better, and people who want to do good and interesting work will leave. The people who want job security and good maternity/paternity benefits will stay.

So the gossip and goings-on of TWMBIC don't really turn my gears. I am waiting for this big, big deal I got wind of about a month ago to go down, though. That could be fun.

But, loyal readers at TWMBIC, don't expect to find much breaking news on the company here. Sorry.


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