Monday, August 02, 2004

Heading west

I'm embarking today on a whirlwind trip out west for TNIJ. Three cities, five tasks in four working days.

Also in the mix is a dot-com party that's become quite a thing out there (more on that later this week) and a slight amount of free time in L.A. before I head back Saturday.

I can now post from anywhere with my new Blackberry (the 12.5-cent Coke update was Blackberried, in fact), So I'll throw up some stuff during the week when the mood strikes me.

And, as is normal when I head out toward Hollywood, I owe the wife an update of my list of celebrity women I can make sweet, sweet love to without repercussion. The wife's policy toward "my list" is quite generous, by the way. She's allowing me to update it today and then re-shuffle when I get back.

So here goes:

• Katie Holmes
• Lauren Graham
• Ali Landry (now-single, from Louisiana and still living in Hollywood)
• Sarah Bernard (no, she won't be in L.A., but she's a permanent fixture now)
• Anne McCue

Katie, Lauren and Ali have been on the list for some time. Sarah's taken the place of Britney (I am not interested in seconds from the You Got Served guy) and Anne is a situational addition.

Who, you may ask, is Anne McCue? She's a fairly-obscure (but, importantly, officially a "celebrity") 30-something Australian alt-country chick:

She's cute. And, more importantly, she's opening for Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men in West Hollywood Friday night. Did I mention I'm planning to see that show?

Hey, you gotta know how to play the odds.


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