Monday, August 30, 2004

God bless those Reveille kids

OK, I try to cut the J-School kids running the LSU Reveille a break. Most of them were born when I was in high school, after all.

So when I was trying to find Jessica Pivik's column online last week (I do believe now that they are purposefully NOT putting it up) and came across the "Staff" page, I made the decision to not mock what is a most-mockworthy page.

But now it's a fresh week and the mockibility remains. And thus, I mock.

Here's the new staff page for your review.

"Insert Name Here" serves as both a Staff Writer and the ad rep. I'm sure some of those Louisiana names are misspelled, but there's no way to prove that (hell, a lot of people in Louisiana don't know how to spell their own names).

But the best has to be "Jen Bayh, Cheif Copy Editori". I'm guessing either a) nobody ran this page by Jen or b) Jen is Jessica Pivik's roommate.


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