Saturday, August 07, 2004

Friday night in W. Hollywood

The Dave Alvin, etc. show at The Troubadour last night was most rockin'.

And I reached a new milestone in "The List" - actually meeting one of the celeb babes on my wife-approved I-can-do-her list. To be fair, I did add Australian alt-country singer Anne McCue to "The List" specifically because she was opening for Dave last night, but still ...

No, I did not get lucky. But I think Anne may stay on "The List". She's amazing.

A) She's really cute (kind of has an Elizabeth Shue vibe)
B) She writes great alt-country, blues and rock songs
C) She's Australian
D) Maybe most significantly, the girl plays guitar like Hendrix. In fact, she covers a Jimi song on her new album, which takes a lot of balls for any guitarist to do. She carries the whole guitar load herself onstage, and favors a black Les Paul.

I was mesmerized by her, and I couldn't stop wondering what kind of world we live in that she's not famous. She out-crows Sheryl Crow. She's a hot Bonnie Raitt.

Maybe one of the older folks in the crowd was a record exec who chased her down and signed her to a major-label deal after the show.

And speaking of older folks, Dave had moral support in the crowd from half the dudes from The Blasters as well as John Doe (true music fans will remember that Dave replaced Billy Zoom in X back in the 80s).

Dave busted out a few Blasters tunes, opening with Goodbye Baby, So Long and closing with Marie, Marie. The tunes lose a bit without his brother Phil singing, but damn fine nonetheless. Similarly, he did 4th of July (an X song he wrote), and it wasn't quite the same without John Doe singing.

But, all in all, a really great show. Dave's the man, and has been kicking the LA scene for about 30 years now.

And since he's old now, he went on at 10:15 and finished around midnight, which was good for all the old dudes in the crowd (and those of us still living on Eastern time).

I'm heading back to The ATL today, and I've about had my fill of Cali. for now.


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