Monday, July 12, 2004

While you were out ...

I'd put a hold on our mail while we were down on the coast, with a request to deliver all the stuff today when we got back.

So I just went out and wrestled the stack of very important correspondence out of the mailbox. It included:

• 16 credit card offers
• 9 sale circulars
• 7 pieces of actual mail
• 5 magazines
• 3 catalogs
• 2 of those newsprint "coupon" things I never read
• 1 check from TWMBIC for the 90 hours of vacation time they owed me

Obviously, the check was the best of the bunch. But 16 credit card offers in 7 mail-delivery days? I guess when you check the mail every day, you don't notice how many offers you get.

I figure the postal service delivers mail something like 310 days a year, which would mean at this rate I get 708 credit card offers a year. If each of those offers threw out a $5,000 credit limit, that's $3.5 million worth of credit I could get my hands on in a year.

Hmm. Maybe the wife and I shouldn't pin those hopes on the lottery. We could gather up the credit cards and charge our way to prosperity.


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