Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The network Gods are smiling upon us

Cranking up the laptop to upload the latest batch of beach photos (look for a piece on our swank new digital camera later), I got a Windows notification that a wireless connection was available, so I'm coming at you courtesy of "sanpebble".

Not that I really have much to say. We went over to Apalachicola today and enjoyed a damn fine lunch at Boss Oyster, which came recommended from my ex-cube neighbor C-Note. They make baked oysters (no, we didn't go raw) about 25 different ways and serve up this sweet little fritters of cream corn. No, we're not sure how they manage to fry blobs of cream corn.

The BBD's explosive bowel syndrome has gone away, although now he's sick on the can of peanuts he and the Little Black Dog broke into while we were out watching the sunset.

The adventure continues ...


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