Monday, July 12, 2004

I guess my dissatisfaction wasn't hard to see ...

I got this email from a fellow ex-TWMBIC employee after he'd been told I'd packed up for greener pastures:
"Glad to see you left [TWMBIC]. I was definitely shocked with the way they squandered your talents. It probably was a good 'between jobs' assignment."

In my final days at TWMBIC, I got some "I hate to see you go" comments, some "Wow, this seems like a great opportunity" chatter and some "Well, I guess you needed to make a move" stuff (from people who thought I'd only been unhappy since the boneheads in charge destroyed our business group about a month ago).

But nobody captured the proper mood ("Glad to see you left ...") or seemingly picked up so well on the squandering of my talent as this guy - and he left the company a year or so ago.

So thanks, fellow ex-TWMBICer. It's nice to be appreciated as being underappreciated.


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