Friday, July 16, 2004

For my readers back at TWMBIC

OK, so I'm finding out that pretty much everybody at TWMBIC reads The Wisdom. Only a couple of people told me this when I worked there, but now I've learned that a ton of people there read it, and have been readers since back in the day when I used to write a lot about TWMBIC.
Of course, back when I got threatened with disciplinary action for my writings (the only thing they could come up with as a "violation" was that I once mentioned the name of an advertiser - even though I have never mentioned the actual name of TWMBIC), I killed all of my old TWMBIC posts.
Then at my going-away thing, one of the bigwigs fessed up to loving my piece about "feet casserole" and generally thinking my TWMBIC observations were hilarious. Another guy there made a reference to "The World's Most Boring Internet Company", so I guess he's a reader, too.
But the absolute best thing is that I now know that the biggest tool of all TWMBIC was reading The Wisdom back when I was mocking him with such joy. And apparently he lobbied to have me fired for it.
I'm not quite enough of a jackass to re-introduce all of the details that make Mr. Tool so easily identifiable among TWMBIC employees (email Cap'n Ken if you're really curious), but for the record:
- You are, in fact, a tool. And everybody there thinks so. 
- During a conversation with a bigwig, I once referred to you as "a dangerous combination of arrogance and ignorance", and that notion was not disputed. 
- People make fun of you - regularly - behind your back.
I also, through my vast network of industry sources, got wind of some pretty interesting hush-hush developments going on at TWMBIC. I'm not at liberty to disclose anything ... but the future may be very interesting.


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