Friday, July 16, 2004

As if 25-cent Cokes weren't good enough

So I'm pretty well settled in at TNIJ now. I got the "toss you into the deep end" treatment, which I think is a good thing.
And, as loyal readers of The Wisdom know, one of the big benefits of TNIJ is 25-cent Cokes (comparable beverages at TWMBIC are 65 cents).
For some reason, it seems, the Coke Gods are smiling upon me. In the machine closest to my desk, every time I drop a quarter in to get me a Diet Coke, the machine spits out two cans. That's right - 12.5-cent Cokes.
I was in there one day with a guy who works on my team and watched him get a Fanta Orange. One quarter = one can. Then I dropped my quarter in ... and got the bonus DC. Maybe the company is trying to promote low-cal sodas by offering up the bonus diets.
Who knows?


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