Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Tick ... tick ... tick

My time here at TWMBIC is winding down (today's my last day), so I've been taking care of a few last-minute tasks. I did the exit interview this morning, I've gotten the CDs I loaned my boss (mostly Replacements stuff) back and I just sent out what I guess you'd have to call my "farewell" email.

Now, I know what you're thinking: A sappy "Goodbye, everyone!" email from ultra-cool Cap'n Ken? Say it ain't so!!

It ain't so.

I've endured my share of ridiculous "farewell" emails and I still remember the story a friend told me about some VP who left a company-wide voice mail farewell from her cell phone that went something like "As I drive off into the sunset, I'm reflecting on the great times I've had ..."


So there would be none of that. But I did want to leave my personal email address for the few people around here I'd not be horrified to hear from again someday.

And here's what I sent:
Hey gang:

This isn't the "I've really enjoyed working with all of you" kind of departure
e-mail; I'm just not that sentimental.

But I wanted to pass along my personal email address for those of you who might
want to have it.

You can find me at

The highly-advanced and industry-leading XXXX e-mail system will kick you
back a spam blocker message if you send me mail and you're not in my address
book, but just click back on the link and I'll get a notification that you don't
want to labeled as a filthy spammer. Fancy, isn't it?


P.S. It might be correct for you to assume that your inclusion on the list of
people I'm giving my personal email address to would indicate that perhaps I
did, in fact, enjoy working with you. And since all of your names are in the BCC
field, it's up to your own speculation as to who all I did - and did not -
include. Intriguing, isn't it?


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