Saturday, June 19, 2004

Quitting the job*

OK, enough of the tease.

Yes, I quit my job Friday. The important note is that I have a new job I've taken to replace the old job.

Loyal and longtime readers of The Widsom will remember a time when I wrote about TWMBIC (The World's Most Boring Internet Company). Then, as circumstance would have it, the bosses of TWMBIC found The Wisdom themselves, resulting in a dressing-down of Cap'n Ken and an abrupt cessasion of TWMBIC posts.

In short, TWMBIC isn't the kind of place where Cap'n Ken can execute his plan of world domination. Therefore, the Cap'n has been seeking better opportunities to reach his goal of Earth Ruler.

And now I've found it. Where TWMBIC offered stagnation, TNIJ (The New Internet Job) offers promise. TWMBIC was a dead-end. TNIJ is an opportunity.

Yeah, I'm being rather vague. But considering a number of people within TWMBIC have become regular readers of The Wisdom [editor's note: BlogPatrol tells me the IP origins of visitors, so I know when people at TWMBIC visit], and taking into account that I'll still be employed by TWMBIC for 8 more working days, I'm not going to start spilling dirt now.

And, really, I have no beef with TWMBIC. I don't think they "get it", and I told my VP that when I ran into him on my way out Friday. And I'm better off elsewhere (TNIJ). But if TWMBIC is happy with how they do things and how well they perform, more power to them.

But TNIJ offers a lot of opportunity for the Cap'n. It's a significant role in a significant part of a significant company. And, unlike TWMBIC, there's opportunity at TNIJ to do a great job and actually advance within the organization based upon the performance of your job, not just on how long you've been employed there.

Plus, Cokes are 25 cents and they have mini-moos instead of powdered faux creamer in the break room.

*Cap'n Ken was pretty well sauced when writing this. Therefore The Wisdom is not responsible for factual errors, misspellings, obscenities or other general issues with this post.


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