Monday, June 14, 2004

Don't push me

The wife and I came home from NashVegas last night (taking the long way through Birmingham to avoid the mud-splattered hippies leaving Bonaroo) to find an interesting thing recorded on the upstairs TiFaux.

It was a 7-minute bit that fired off at 4 a.m. Sunday and was labeled something like "Recommend Dish Network and get $50". And, sure enough, it was a Dish Network promotion apparently pushed down to the DVR by the company, ala the TiVo forced programming fiasco of last year.

This did not please me. I don't care if it was only 7 minutes worth of DVR capacity they took from me, and I don't care that I was able to erase it without watching. I own this equipment and I pay Dish about $75 a month for their service. I won't open an argument about whether they have the "right" to push promotional crap down to my DVR, but - at least from this subscriber's point of view - it's certainly not good business practice.

I'm going to call Dish and find out what the hell is up with this, and I'll update my findings when I hear from them. Also, it's interesting that they pushed the stuff down to the DishPVR 501 but not the DishPVR 721. It could be that they are less concered about pissing off a customer who paid $200 for a DVR than they are a customer who paid $600 for one, or maybe it's because I'm still about the only person in America who owns a DishPVR 721.


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