Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Welcome, YetAnotherFakeEmail

Our friends over at have switched to the very consumer-friendly business model of making every visitor register for the site before they can view any content. Being pretty familiar with their old business model of publishing the entire newspaper online for free every day (and driving down subscriptions and sales of the print version), I guess they have to try something.

But I'd love to get a look at their new user database. I figure they probably have a few hundred thousand people "registered" at this point, and I'd imagine most registrations look a lot like the one I created tonight (my cookies got dumped, so in order to use the very fine set of RSS feeds That Yellow Bastard set up, I had to re-register):

First Name: YetAnotherFakeEmail
Last Name: ForTheAJC
Email Address (must be valid):
Password: password
Year of Birth: 1915
Household Yearly Income: More than $100,000 (to get them excited)
Gender: Female
Street Address: 714 Hank Aaron Drive, Atlanta, 30315
Phone: 404-555-1212
How do you use the AJC: Subscribe 7 days (again, excitement for them!)
Tell us about your interests (check boxes): Each and every thing you asked me if I was interested in! What a great user I am for you to have! The advertisers will love me!
E-Mail newsletters you'd like to receive: All of them! Gimme! Wow, you sure do have a lot of newsletter subscribers - advertisers will love that!

I wonder if the AJC people have an intern who sits around all day just weeding the obviously fake registrations like this one out of their legitimate user data. Somehow I doubt it.


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