Tuesday, May 25, 2004

RSS Update

I got an email the other day from Norman, who had found my not-yet-publicized Big List of RSS Feeds (look in the left rail).

Mostly Norman was complaining about his feed not being listed (it was an oversight, I swear - Espresso Sarcasm is linked in my rail and is in my reader - I promise), and I was happy to correct the mistake.

But I noticed that the RSS version of his Blogger Atom feed was coming from someplace called FeedBurner. I'd created RSS versions of the Wisdom feed and a bunch of other Blooger feeds with the rather-crappy 2rss.com system, so I went over to FeedBurner to check out their service.

As it turns out, FeedBurner rocks. Not only does it easily turn Atom to RSS, there's a bunch of other feed formats and promotional/tracking tools at the blogger's disposal. It's in "pre-Alpha" right now, so we'll see how their business model (i.e. paid?) evolves, but for now, it's the best feed-focused service I've found.

I converted the Wisdom feed to a FeedBurner RSS:


And I also set up FeedBurner versions of:

Coffee Achiever
Daniella's Misaventures
Robin's Ramblings
Reading in the Dark

Excellent service, that FeedBurner.

Oh, by the way, I've created a Big List of RSS Feeds that I'll keep updated with my favorite feeds for your RSS enjoyment (there, it's publicized).

If you've got favorite feeds you think I should list, leave a comment on this post or the Big List post and I'll check it out (I watch my comments with the very-nice HaloScan Comments RSS feed).

And if you're still not surfing through RSS, get with the times, man! Download BottomFeeder and plug in some of my recommended RSS feeds.


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