Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Posts on hold

I was planning to post bits tonight about tap dancing on Bourbon Street, AJC.com or the Ga. DMV tonight, and then the stories started to come across my feeds about the 26-year-old U.S. civilian worker being beheaded by Iraqi thugs in the name of retaliation for the prison abuse over there.

That story stopped me in my tracks. A young American working to rebuild communication lines in Iraq is kidnapped and executed on camera as a political message to the U.S.

Looking at the photos of him moments before his execution, I thought about what his last minutes must have been like. Seeing pictures of his father and brother broken down in tears on their front lawn made me pissed off at the media for being there then.

And realizing what an effective weapon this kind of random, brutal and videotaped act may turn out to be for the Iraqi / Al Qaeda militants gave me the chills.


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