Friday, May 28, 2004

My new favorite 'celeb' babe

Sarah Bernard

Ring any bells? Unless you're a regular watcher of CNN's American Morning, probably not.

Sarah's a contributing editor for New York Magazine and appears a couple of times a week on the "90 Second Pop" feature.

And she's fantastic.

Not only is she amazingly cute - dark-brown hair, big brown eyes, beautiful face, nice bod - but she's smart, funny and seems cool as hell. Her appeal is not unlike that of the wife, which makes it much easier for the wife to put up with me saying "I love her" whenever Sarah's on CNN.

Sarah's starting to make solo appearances on American Morning, so her TV star may be on the rise. Thus I figure I should stake my claim as an early adopter of her charm.

She's still such an unknown commodity that she hardly appears in Google searches outside of New York Magazine and CNN results. A Google image search turns up only two tiny shots:

This is her at some party (from Slate)

This is a shot from a New York Magazine bit on her wedding last year. No, she didn't marry Dean from Gilmore Girls, her husband is another writer there - Hugh Lindgren.

I know, the photos don't really show how cute she is, but trust me. Or better yet, check out American Morning on Tuesdays (her regular day) at about 7:40.

And remember ... you read praise of Sarah here first.


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