Thursday, May 06, 2004

Hog-Dog Update

Louisiana's effort to outlaw violent "hog-dogging" events in the state is cruising to approval. Meanwhile, a bill to outlaw cockfighting can't even get through committee.

Hog-dogging, in case you missed my earlier post, is a "sport" in which mean-ass dogs are turned loose in a competition to corner (in "legitimate" hog-dog events) or kill (in the type of event to be banned) Miss Piggy.

Hmm. Kind of like cockfighting, isn't it?

So why is the bill to outlaw hog-dogging on a fast track while the anti-cockfighting bill is quietly dying in a corner of the state capitol?

Those of you from the Bayou State know the most correct answer is simply "because it's Louisiana" (this, after all, is the state where an anti-flag-burning bill became an anti-abortion bill a decade or so ago).

But there's also a universal factor at work here - cash.

The sponsor of the anti-hog-dog bill has called the events "violent, cruel, inhumane, barbaric and damn well sadistic", and says their existence in Louisiana contributes to the state's poor image and harms economic development efforts.

His quote about the sadistic nature of hog-dogging could also be applied to cockfighting, but apparently the part about hurting the economy doesn't apply.

Cockfighting supporters say a new federal ban on the transport of fighting cocks has already cost the state $206 million in chicken-fight-related business. And if Louisiana were to become the 49th state to ban cockfighting, New Mexico would have a monopoly on the sport.

Hog-dogging just hasn't been around long enough to build up a lobbying effort.

Or maybe it's true about pigs being so damn smart ...


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