Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A.B. gets Wired

I came home this evening to find the new issue of Wired in my mailbox. Actually, I found two copies of Wired in the mailbox, and thanks to the human kindness of the wife, Tye Fussell of 1282 Oak Grove Ave. should be getting his soon (stupid post office).

Anyway, I dug in to the mag tonight and found a really great piece on Alton Brown (host of Good Eats on Food Network) and his cooking-as-science crusade. I know TYB is a big A.B. fan, but if any of the Wisdom Nation hasn't discovered Good Eats, it's high on my recommended list.

I found Good Eats a couple of years ago and have become a full-fledged A.B. disciple.

I just counted, and I have 26 episodes on the TiFaux right now waiting to get burned to DVD (I've managed to burn out ten or so shows so far). I have both of his books and will get the new one when it comes out in September. I'll probably buy his DVD collections, even though I have all the episodes on the TiFaux or my home-burned discs.

Since Alton's come in to my world, I cook with kosher salt (the wife found me a very A.B.-like salt cellar to keep it in). I make steaks in a "rocket hot" cast-iron skillet. I have ventured into the world of scratch biscuits (in my pre-Atkins days). I've poached fish in evaporated milk. I'd feel comfortable turning pork belly into bacon (although I haven't done it yet). I no longer break eggs on the side of the bowl, and A.B.'s omlette method has let me improve upon my already-advanced technique learned years ago from The Frugal Gormet (who turned out to be a child molestor, but that's another show).

Good Eats is, simply, the best cooking show ever. I know more about the "whys" of cooking than I ever thought I would. A.B. provides a science lesson wrapped in a Pee Wee's Playhouse production. He's Bill Nye of the kitchen. You get the picture.

The Wired piece will be online June 1 if you don't care to buy the mag. It'll be linked here.

For more A.B., check out Alton's site, and don't miss his excellent if infrequently updated blog.


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