Thursday, April 22, 2004

Weekly Pivik roundup

I'm switching to a new format for my weekly bit on LSU Reveille "sex columnist" Jessica Pivik. Hopefully this new, quick-read format will satisfy the appetite of Google searchers while keeping me from having to come up with clever things to write about a most un-clever girl.

This week's topic: Fetishes

"Shocking" sexual reference: "I have a foot fetish, but I suppose I'd settle for maybe seven or eight inches."

Sex and the City ripoff line: "I've heard men enjoy sex in the same way they enjoy food (fast), but turning your end table into the produce section is a whole other level."

Expert "quoted" in column: Dr. Susan Block

Googled source of expert "quotes": Dr. Susan Block's journal

Safe-sex disclaimer inserted by editors: "And no matter what prop you use for your fetish, condoms should always be included because no one fetishizes (is that a word?) about STDs."

- Torture yourself with "On Top"


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