Thursday, April 29, 2004

Weekly Pivik roundup

I think LSU Reveille "sex columnist" Jessica Pivik must have been called on the carpet by the paper's faculty advisor or something, because this week she attempted to write a meaningful and serious piece about being gay at LSU. She failed, of course.

She talked with both a gay man and a lesbian to gain important insight into what it really means to be gay. And we all benefit by learning things such as:

- Lesbians can both like the Indigo Girls and be former cheerleaders.

- The gay man she talked to thinks Tom Cruise, Lance Bass and Ricky Martin are, in fact, gay

So this week's column doesn't really fit the mold (except for being completely pointless and boring), but let's plug it into the new roundup forumula anyway

This week's topic: Being gay at LSU

"Shocking" sexual reference: "'Coming out' isn't as easy as Paris Hilton."

Sex and the City ripoff line: "Although Scales and Landry are both attractive and successful, I didn't have to travel far before I realized that for me 'there's no place like home.'"

Expert "quoted" in column: "UCSF Researchers" (about gay suicide)

Googled source of expert "quotes": UCSF press release

Actual piece of semi-useful information inserted by editors: "If you are queer and are afraid to come out, you can call Mental Health Services at 578-8774 for information and support."

- Bore yourself with "On Top"


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