Friday, April 16, 2004

Paying off

I'm starting to feel pretty good about my decision to spend $5.99 a month for DishNetwork's equipment protection program. Loyal readers of the Wisdom will remember I was offered a free replacement DishPVR 501 if I took up the protection (after my 501 was already broken).

So Wednesday night, the batteries went dead in the remote for the DishPVR 721. I changed the batteries and started to notice a couple of odd things:

1) The top of the remote was getting very hot.

2) The top of the remote was beginning to smell like burning plastic.

Not good.

But not to worry. I called Dish, told them my remote was melting and asked them to send me out a new one. Of course, I have the equipment protection program, I reminded them.

So as I was checking the mail this evening, the UPS man drove up. He handed me a small box containing my Platinum Plus remote (retail value $40 - $60) and drove off. It was supposed to take 5-7 days to get it, but it was shipped out of Gwinnett County, thus 2-day air became overnight delivery.

If you figure the remote would likely have cost me about $50, that means I'm ahead another 6 months in the whole equipment protection sweepstakes. Between the remote and the 501, I figure I'll be living on Dish money until at least 2007.


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