Wednesday, April 21, 2004

And all along I thought I was just getting teary-eyed because of the emotional stories of the women on The Swan

Here's a shocker:

Atlanta is the worst city in America for spring allergies.

The pollen count that's put out by the Atlanta media has a scale that goes like this:

0 - 30 = Low
31 - 60 = Moderate
61 - 120 = High
Over 120 = Extremely High

The lowest pollen count for Atlanta so far in April has been 176.

On March 29, the pollen count was 5,156. That's just over 42 times the level called "Extremely High". So that made it, what? Insanely High?

I remember that day. I was in my boss' office on an upper floor of our building at about 5:30. Looking out the window, you could very clearly see the tire marks being left in the yellow/green pollen as people left the office for the day. The pollen dust on my car was at least a quarter-inch thick, and it blew off in a mighty cloud as I drove home.


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