Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Yo, Ben ... you hard, bro! HARD!!

So I get home this evening to find the new issue of Rolling Stone in the mailbox. And staring at me from the cover was this image:

Yep, that's Ben Affleck. A torn-sleeved, unshaven, big-armed, tattooed, pissed-off-looking Ben Affleck.

And he's not shooting a remake of the classic Al Pacino film "Cruising", which makes the cover shot that much more amusing.

Apparently Ben's gone "hard". The R.S. article focuses, of course, on Ben's split with J-Lo and how he plans to get his career out of the toilet following Gigli. He's quoted in the piece as saying:

"My plan? I'll disappear for a good long time, and not be this person."

You mean the Bennifer person? Or the would-be Papa Roach member on the R.S. cover?

[editor's note: Ben's "disappearing" act begins tonight with a guest spot on Larry King Live]

His look, though, reminds me more of Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on The Block (both Affleck and NKOB hail from Boston - coincidence?). Sure, you may look tough, but you still dance and sing, pal.


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