Saturday, March 27, 2004

Salazar endorsement withdrawn

As much as I hate to do it, I'm pulling my "endorsement" of Theida Salazar, a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives. Loyal readers of the Wisdom will remember that Salazar or someone associated with the campaign found and returned my wallet when it went missing at a Braves game last year.

And although I'm still grateful that I got my wallet and cash back fully intact, now that Salazar has a website up and I know more about the candidate, I have to withdraw my support.

First off, it turns out Salazar is a dude, not a lady. Is Theida a guy's name? I have no idea, but I'd assumed it to be a woman's name. That's not a factor in the withdrawal of my support, but worth noting.

And the fact that Salazar is a Democrat and supporter of unions also wasn't the main reason I'm withdrawing my support; but he certainly didn't win points with me there.

What I can't abide is Salazar's butchering of the English language, as represented on his website. My impression is that Salazar - despite what seems like a Hispanic name - was born and raised in America, and therefore should have a decent grasp on our language. But here are some gems from Theida's site:
"I am committed to serving this diverse district with the same degree of excellence it embodies. I was born and raised here and this is where my foundation as a citizen, and leader were developed."

This is his mission statement. The first sentence makes no sense whatsoever, and he manages to misuse both a comma and the word "were" in the second.
"The need has arisen to effectuate progressive leadership in the 44th district. We currently are stagnated in our inability to elevate ourself due to ineffective representation.


Finally, their is a dire need to alleviate apathy amongst the community in community interaction and political involvement.


I have a referendum that networks, markets, and advertises people based upon their efforts in the community. This is the motivation, and inspiration needed to effectuate a change post haste."

Beware those who use big words to no real effect and don't know the proper forms of "their", "there" and "they're". And stay far away from people who use the word "effectuate" ... twice.

The last bit in the Salazar manifesto refers to Theida's big idea - Honesty Incorporated. This, according to Salazar's bio, is what Honesty Inc. (he's the founder) does:
"This organization attempts to alleviate the apathy we have in community involvement. Our objective is to inspire growth and elevation in the community by marketing, networking, and advertising those people who strive to make a difference. In essence, you perform some venue of community service, and we advertise your services (profession) to the public."

Sorry, I should have told you to take a Tylenol before reading that.

So, after suffering through Salazar's site, I feel it's time to effectuate a change in my opinion of Theida - post haste.

I do still have him or a staffer of his to thank for returning my wallet. So thanks, Theida. And good luck with Honesty Incorporated.

But you're an idiot.