Tuesday, March 09, 2004

RE: Dish / Viacom - the media is starting to understand

Now that we're two or three days into the shooting war (as opposed to the cold war that had been on since January) between Dish Network and Viacom, the media is now starting to understand the situation and - in some cases - report some accurate information about it.

The Associated Press finally understands that all 9 million Dish subscribers have lost the Viacom stations, and CNN actually has a fairly informative piece on it at cnn.com.

(to be fair to my Bloomberg friends, they also have a decent piece up now, too.

There's still a real lack of analysis out there, however. Dish and Viacom are both spinning the issue hard, and God knows most journalists (who can't even get the number of subscribers affected correct) aren't going to dig deep here.


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