Monday, March 01, 2004

Getting framed

With my cavalcade of LSU National Championship gear now coming in, I'm faced with a task that is way outside my comfort zone. I have to get stuff framed.

Specifically, I have this front-page poster from The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper):

And this swell panoramic photo from the Sugar Bowl (which will be married with my own Sugar Bowl ticket):

So I'm venturing into the world of "custom framing". At the Michael's (the arts and crafts store) by my office, they hung a sign out this weekend that reads "50% off all custom framing." Sounds like a deal, right?

Not quite.

I brought in my two posters and ticket to get an estimate. I knew the "sale" was a sham when the framing woman said "it usually runs $70 and up" and my reply of "you mean before the 50% discount" was met with "no, after the discount." The word "usually" is - by definition - not associated with a "sale". So they are obviously not offering 50% off of their framing orders.

I guess the idea is that 99% of the population does not have custom framing done on a regular basis, so there's no perception of what "full price" is, therefore you can double your prices, take 50% off and everybody is happy.

The Cap'n don't play that.

For my 14 x 22 Advocate front page, I was quoted a price of $92 to have it done up in a simple black frame. That means, if Michael's was telling the truth, the normal price for this is $184. To frame a $15 poster. I find that hard to believe.

For the Sugar Bowl print and Sugar Bowl ticket alongside it, Michael's quoted me $232. Yes, $232, meaning they want me to believe this would normally cost $464.

Of course, I balked at that price, so the woman actually suggested I could save a lot of money by paying them just $138 for a glass-less frame and getting a piece of plexiglass at Home Depot to substitute for the real thing.

There's some small frame shop in Grant Park near Six Feet Under I'm going to check out this weekend, but - being not at all familiar with the ways of framing - my question is this:

Is it really going to cost me $325 to get these things framed? I'd appreciate the advice and insight of any of you who are more familiar with this stuff.


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