Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Bring on the firehoses and police dogs

I really love the fact that more cities have joined San Francisco in defying the "law" and issuing same-sex marriage licenses. There's that kid mayor in New York state and now Portland, Oregon, standing up for the idea that "equal protection under the law" actually applies to gay people, too!

I've read a lot of comparisons of the Bush/Christian campaign against gay marriage to the early days of Hitler's systematic effort to eliminate Jews, and from a persecution standpoint, I guess that's fair.

But I see it a different way. What I think we are seeing is the gay-rights equivalent of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat, of MLK going to jail in Birmingham or demonstrators taking over lunch counters across the South.

What's going on in California, New York and Oregon is civil disobedience, led by some pretty courageous politicians. It was, of course, civil disobedience and the establishment's response to it that lit fire to the black civil rights movement in the 1960s.

Playing the role of George Wallace today is George W. Bush. His speech promoting the constitutional ban on gay marriage came real close to sounding like "I say heterosexual marriage now ... heterosexual marriage tomorrow ... heterosexual marriage forever!"

Coming soon, the crowds of gay couples gathering at San Francisco city hall to get married will have the firehoses turned loose on them. Maybe there will have to be a "Midtown Atlanta Burning" incident to convince a lot of mainstream Americans that keeping the gays down is wrong.

Unfortunately, I think homosexuals are going to have a much harder climb that blacks did to equal status in America. There are a whole lot of intolerant, "Jesus hates fags" types out there.

But in the spirit of my little civil rights comparision, I slapped together this image. (Yes, it's crappy - I only spent 10 minutes on it and used a freeware photo editor). Enjoy.

That's Carson from Queer Eye on the tooth-end of the German Shepherd, by the way.


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