Monday, March 22, 2004

4 out of 5 dentists agree

So I was at the dentist this morning for the fourth of five scheduled visits. No mouth-guard fittings today, though. Just a cleaning. My first in three years, I think.

After the lady picked the little bits of tartar off my teeth, she reached for the high-powered dental "polisher". She offered me a choice of polish flavors (peppermint or cinnamon) and we had a quick chat about the wide variety of flavors available today.

I told her my favorite as a kid was grape, and she said nowadays there are all sorts of kid-flavored polish flavors. Grape ... raspberry ... lemon/lime ... and the new "cookie dough" flavor.

Wait a minute. Cookie dough flavor? What happened to the days when the dentist preached the evils of all things sugary to kids in the chair?

I guess it's a sign of today's society determined to endulge the every wishes of kids. I imagine the logic goes that kids will be happier at the dentist if they can get their teeth cleaned with a cookie dough-flavored paste. The hygenist said the kid flavors today are like "Baskin-Robbins".

Yes, I know the paste isn't actually cookie dough, and I imagine it has no sugar, but if kids get the "sugar is good!" message from the freaking dentist nowadays, no wonder they're all fat.


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