Sunday, February 15, 2004

Yes, Dex is better than near-naked women

As the wife mentioned, we took in Echo Lounge's Valentine's Day burlesque show last night. And, as she also mentioned, the opening act was The Dexter Romweber Duo, the new incarnation of the Flat Duo Jets (Crow must have 50% ownership of the name).

If you've ever seen Dex, you understand his genius. If you haven't, it's a hard thing to explain. But Dex's act (whether the Flat Duo Jets or just the Duo) consists of himself, his Sears Silvertone guitar, an amp and a drummer.

Thanks to Jack White, the world now understands what kind of noise can come from a boy with a guitar, but Dex has been doing it for 20 years. No effects pedals - not even a wah - are needed. Dex pulls an amazing sound out of his discount-store guitar, 15 feet of amp cord and a single-cone amp.

The Flat Duo Jets show at The Chimes circa 1986 (opening for Dash Rip Rock) still ranks as the single greatest show I've ever seen. Dexter has slowed down a bit in the 18 years since, but he still lives and breathes basic rockabilly/blues rock & roll.

Dex was hanging outside (in the rain) when the burlesque show ended, so I got to pay my respects as we headed out. I had a long conversation with him at a New Orleans show back in the day, but this time I just thanked him for a great show, shook his hand and told him to come back to Atlanta soon.


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