Monday, February 02, 2004

Super wrap

Well, it turned out to be a hell of a game. Last time I'll mention this, but the game was won on a field goal where the first of the three key players - snapper, holder, kicker - was a 38-year-old NFL retiree who was called back to service when the Pats lost their two long snappers. Six weeks ago, Brian Kinchen was a humble Jesus pusher, and last night he helped win the Super Bowl. Hell of a story.

In other LSU Super Bowl news, New England's two-point conversion to put them ahead by 7 was scored by ex-Tiger Kevin Faulk.

Geaux Tigers!

This morning on the CNN news crawl, I saw the bit about Janet Jackson's boob being exposed, so the wife and I had to pull the game up on the DVR (no, I didn't watch that ridiculous show live). Everybody's trying to say this was an accident? Come on. It was nothing more than a pathetic attempt for Janet to seem interesting and relevant. She was performing Rhythm Nation, for Chrissakes. Couldn't MTV find anything more interesting to put on? They had to get Janet to drag out a 15-year-old song?

And come to think about it, why drag out Aerosmith in the pregame to do their old music (again)? Even Kid Rock was doing the greatest-hits thing. I know music sucks these days, but is it this bad?


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