Monday, February 09, 2004

Shock The Monkey

Watching the Grammys last night, I couldn't help - we were saving up the DVR delay for Celine & Justin - but catch a promo being run by the local CBS affiliate for their Monday night news.

It should be noted that the CBS station here in Atlanta is anything but the "news leader." I'd imagine more Atlantans get their news from The Porch Press than from CBS 46.

So with February Sweeps kicking off and the nation watching the Grammys on CBS, I guess they decided to pull out all the stops.

Tonight at 11, CBS 46 will shoot one of its reporters with a Taser - live!

I think the "news" value they're pitching is something about the equipment local law enforcement has available to it, but come on. This "story" is the Hail Mary pass of local news.

Fox 5, on the other hand, rolled out a real news story for Sweeps tonight at 6 - undercover video of a Rome (Ga.) police officer getting a private strip tease at a Latino bar while he was on duty. Now that's news!

Of course, I'm grabbing the CBS Taser stunt on the DVR tonight, and maybe it'll be amusing enough to write some more about.

But I want to offer our local TV news community the perfect Sweeps story idea - live undercover strip-club video. Couple the sex value of undercover stripper videos with the immediacy of live stunts like the Taser and you've got Ratings Gold.


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