Sunday, February 01, 2004

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up carbs

I guess I was destined to get on Atkins. I did SugarBusters (a fine Louisiana invention) two years ago, and it worked well for me. Then I got back on the carbs, and put the fat back on.

Then early last year, my stepfather went on Atkins and lost about 30 pounds. And he's kept it off. Last summer, the wife's father went on Atkins and has lost almost 60 pounds.

So last Monday, I dove in and began the "induction" phase of Atkins. And it's working so far. I'd stayed with a semi-low-carb routine since the SugarBusters days (those were the days I stopped putting sugar in coffee and switched to Diet Coke and unsweet tea), but wouldn't hesitate to grab a burger and fries or sweets if I wanted.

But now it's Atkins by the book. Less than 20 daily grams of carbs, eat three meals a day, drink lots of water, cut the caffeine, etc. On my 7th day, I'm still on the wagon.

My biggest test so far came yesterday when I fired up Paula's Home Cooking on the DVR. It was a show where she visited Jimmy Carter in Plains and fixed the world's best ex-president some of her favorite breakfast grub.

The highlight was a thing she called "Gorilla Bread".

The wife makes a thing called "Monkey Bread", which is cut up little chunks of biscuits rolled in butter and brown sugar, and it's darn yummy. So, of course, I was intrigued by the Gorilla.

Paula's Gorilla is similar to the wife's Monkey, except that with Gorilla you take whole biscuits, flatten them out and stuff them with cream cheese before balling them up and rolling in the brown sugar and cinnamon. Throw some walnuts in the pan and drizzle with melted butter/brown sugar and you've got the Gorilla.

Did I mention the wife's in Nashville this weekend? It was all I could do to not run right out to Publix and grab the makings of the Gorilla.

But I resisted. The first Atkins test passed. I'm side-stepping the second Atkins challenge (Super Bowl Sunday) by staying home. Instead of eating chips and cookies, I'll be cleaning the house (the wife is bringing a NashVegas friend back with her to spend the night).

For those of you not boycotting carbs, here's the Gorilla Bread recipe.


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