Tuesday, February 10, 2004

How about three tuners in the DVR?

Well, I missed the live Taser attack last night. I was caught up in True Romance when 11:00 rolled around, and I must have quickly and incorrectly dismissed the timer-conflict window on the DVR (I grab The Daily Show at 11 each night).

But no fear. The Internet won't let me down.

On the CBS Atlanta site, you can watch the video for yourself. In the typical restrained and very serious tone of local TV news, they called the report Prepare to be Stunned!

I liked how the reporter guy talked about all the precautions they took in the demonstration. He had EMTs standing by, was led to the floor by a couple of cops, had a nice gym mat to fall on and had his doctor clear him to do the demo.

Do they have to go through all that when they Taser an actual criminal?


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